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.Coaching Profession and Seven Specializations

COACHING.UP - International University for Coaching Development. We help you master the coaching profession from scratch easily and with pleasure. We support you in building a business in your new profession and obtaining international certification in three federations: ICF, EMCC, and AC.


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COACHING.UP is an international coaching university with unique training programs recognized by three leading coaching federations: ICF, EMCC, and AC.

We offer training in 8 languages, support students from 96 countries, and provide access to the best trainers and innovative teaching methods.

One of the 6 in the world with three accreditations

There are 2.082 companies worldwide that train according to international standards and have received accreditation. However, only 6 of them have obtained accreditation from the three largest coaching federations: the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), and the Association for Coaching (AC). COACHING.UP is one of these 6 companies. The complete list of companies can be found on the federations' websites:,,

In the TOP-20 for the number of ICF programs

Out of 1.744 companies that have received accreditation for their coaching training programs, only 20 have ICF accreditation (the largest coaching federation) for 10 or more of their training programs. We have 11 programs accredited by the ICF.

8 languages of instruction and 7 branches worldwide

Our coaching profession training programs are available in Ukrainian, French, English, Georgian, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Portuguese. The central company is based in the United Kingdom, with branches in Ukraine, Estonia, Italy, the USA, Kazakhstan, and Georgia.

96 countries where our students live

This creates an international network of like-minded individuals, providing opportunities for networking and collaborations worldwide. Our students come together, create joint projects, and build warm friendships. Join us and you'll love it!

56 trainers, mentors, supervisors, and speakers

A coach, according to international standards, works with their personality, not just with tools. Therefore, we create an environment where students can see various styles and personalities of coach-trainers and mentors, allowing them to unlock their potential and develop their unique style.

Innovations in educational technologies and IT

Andragogy as the foundation for adult education, along with advanced learning models like P.A.D.S. and the "Green Pen" method, create an effective space for mastering professions and developing skills. Our proprietary platform for storing materials, featuring a convenient personal account, and our own iOS/Android application ensure ease of learning throughout the course.

.The Potential of the Coaching Profession

You can work with almost any request

Coaching addresses a wide range of requests—from business to personal life. A coach does not give advice, which means they do not need to be an expert in the client's field.

This opens up endless opportunities for work. You can help people achieve their goals and find solutions without being a specialist in their area.

Independence and high income

Create your own coaching business or gain an additional source of income. The cost of sessions with professional coaches ranges from $100 to $200, providing financial stability and independence.

As a coach, you can plan your time independently and choose your clients. This profession offers freedom and the ability to manage your earnings.

Work with millions of clients around the world

Knowing English is not mandatory. Work with clients from different countries, expanding the boundaries of your business without being limited to your city.

The coaching market is vast. You will be able to assist people from various parts of the world, using a language that is accessible to them.

The coaching services market - $6.25 billion in 2024

Companies (such as BetterUP) are valued in billions of dollars, demonstrating the high potential and demand for coaching.

Many of our graduates, who are proficient in English, already work in such prestigious companies, earning significant incomes and professional opportunities.

Almost everyone needs a coach

Coaches are in demand both in good times and in difficult times. When things are going well, a coach helps to consolidate results and find new goals. In challenging times, a coach helps to change life and overcome difficulties.

This makes coaching essential for everyone striving for personal and professional growth. A coach helps to find new goals and ways to achieve them, regardless of the current situation, providing support and guidance at every stage.

Continuous personal development of the coach

In coaching by international standards, coaches work not with tools but with their personality.

As they develop in the profession, coaches constantly improve their personality. This process contributes to holistic development, enhancing both professional skills and the quality of personal life.

.25 Training Programs

We train from zero to professional coach with specializations in team, group, business, and executive coaching, support in obtaining international certification, and help in building your business.


International-level Professional Coach

Master the profession of an international-level coach from scratch with our program. Training is conducted via Zoom, with no homework, and 24/7 support. The program is accredited by three international federations: ICF, EMCC, and AC. You will be able to work with clients worldwide, gaining skills in coaching sessions and long-term contracts. Convenient schedule, one-year access to materials, and a supportive community will help you grow as a professional. Obtain international certificates and start building a successful career or your own coaching business.

2,744 students

167 groups


International Coach

Master the profession of an international-level coach from scratch with our program. Training is conducted via Zoom, with no homework, and 24/7 support. The program is accredited by one of the leading international federations: ICF. You will be able to work with clients worldwide, gaining skills in conducting coaching sessions and working with long-term contracts. A convenient schedule, access to materials for a year, and a supportive community will help you develop as a professional. Obtain an international certificate and start building a successful career or your own coaching business.

3,301 students

167 groups


International Level Professional Team Coach

A professional team coach helps teams achieve business goals by creating a sustainable environment for long-term growth and development. Team coaching fosters collective responsibility and the ability to make quick decisions, leading to positive long-term results. Unlike individual coaching, team coaching offers collective benefits, promoting the development of the entire company. Research shows that team coaching will be the most in-demand coaching service in the coming years. This course is designed for practicing coaches who want to specialize in team coaching and work with teams, increasing their income as team coaching sessions are more expensive.

201 students

13 groups


Psychology Basics for Coaches

40 hours of live training on Zoom, aimed at developing skills and expanding coaches' psychological knowledge. The program combines academic content with practical training based on the theory of psychology basics and their practical application in coaching practice according to ICF standards. The course includes trainings and workshops, reflective practice, analysis of acquired knowledge, group discussions, mini-lectures, and case studies. The program seamlessly integrates theoretical foundations into ICF competencies and is divided into three main branches: ethics and being, enhancing coaching research, and strengthening the coach's personality.

96 students

7 groups


Professional International Mentor for Coaches

Mentor-coach according to international ICF standards. Learn to help coaches unlock their potential, grow in their profession, and achieve international accreditations by inspiring, supporting, and encouraging them. Mentoring is a form of support that makes it easier for coaches to grow professionally. Working hours with a mentor are a requirement for obtaining international ACC, PCC, and MCC ICF accreditations. A mentor analyzes coaching sessions, notes the implementation of ICF competencies, and provides developmental feedback. As a result, coaches identify growth points, develop their style, and skillfully work with strategies and tactics. A mentor certificate expands your range of services and contributes to financial growth.

77 students

6 groups


Professional International Supervisor for Coaches

A 6-month program that includes 5 modules and practical training with the participation of CoachingUP students and alumni. Certification is provided at the end of the program. During the training, you will learn different models and styles of conducting both individual and group supervision, and you will gain access to the experience of PCC/MCC ICF-level supervisors. The program includes 20 workshops, 4 individual supervision demonstrations, 3 group supervision demonstrations, 3 observed supervisions, 3 sessions in groups of three, 4 intervisions, 1 individual mentoring session, a 3-week practice (1 individual supervision and 1 group supervision with feedback), and certification.

33 students

2 groups


Fundamentals of Supporting Long-Term Contracts in Coaching

Provides comprehensive training on the fundamentals and structure of working with long-term contracts. The course includes 10 hours of materials, with 8 hours of video lectures and 2 hours of practical workshops. It covers key aspects of long-term client interactions, including building trust, setting and achieving major life goals, conducting contract and work sessions, and concluding long-term cooperation. This course is intended for coaches who are currently studying or practicing and want to learn how to work effectively with clients on a long-term basis.

144 students

2 updates


HR Coach

The "HR Coach" course is a 68.5-hour program conducted on Zoom, aimed at developing coaching skills for HR professionals. The program prepares professionals capable of effectively conducting coaching sessions for their company's employees. Based on international coaching standards, this course is designed for HR specialists at various levels who seek to enhance their qualifications and significantly contribute to the development of employees and the organizational culture of their company.

26 students

2 groups


Coaching in Agile

Designed for professionals working with Agile methodologies, this course aims to develop coaching skills based on international standards. The program includes 68.5 hours of training on Zoom, enabling participants to effectively conduct coaching sessions for their company's employees. Throughout the course, you will learn how to apply coaching competencies to improve team interaction, increase productivity, and achieve goals within the Agile framework. The program features training sessions, workshops, group discussions, and case studies, helping students to grasp theoretical knowledge and apply it in practice.

26 students

2 groups

.How Training is Conducted

Start your coaching journey with us. Our programs will help you master the profession from scratch, obtain international qualifications, and build a successful career or create an additional source of income.

Unlock your potential by helping others achieve their goals and finding balance in your own life!

  • Obtain a diploma accredited by leading international federations. The diploma is awarded not just for attendance but for successfully passing the assessment, opening up opportunities for obtaining international qualifications and achieving success in the profession.

  • 80% of our program time is dedicated to practical sessions. You will not only study theory but also actively develop the necessary professional skills for your new profession. Training is conducted live via Zoom, with no homework assignments!

  • Considering your busy schedule, we have developed a training methodology based on P.A.D.S. standards that eliminates homework. This allows you to master the profession without additional stress, effectively balancing your studies with personal life and other commitments.

  • Feel the support and care around the clock. Each cohort has its own trainer-curator and administrator who are always ready to help via Telegram. The university founder is also available for communication and is present in the Telegram groups of each cohort.

  • Our proprietary platform provides access to educational materials and Zoom meeting recordings for a year after the completion of the training. Our mobile app mirrors all the platform's functions, including reminders and scheduling individual mentoring sessions.

  • Join our community of like-minded individuals, where learning is combined with experience sharing. Establish valuable connections, develop joint projects, and support each other even after completing the programs.

.52 Trainers, Speakers,

supervisors, observers, assessors, administrators, curators, and tutors who will accompany you throughout the learning process, creating a supportive environment.

Jean-Francois Cousin, Master Certified Coach, Speaker, Trainer

Speaker, Trainer

Jean-Francois Cousin

Master Certified Coach [MCC] ICF, Ex-President of ICF Global

Andrii Nekrasov, Master Certified Coach, Speaker, Trainer

Speaker, Trainer

Andrii Nekrasov

Master Certified Coach [MCC] ICF, Former Vice-President of ICF Ukraine, Founder

Olga Bazarnaya, Member of the Board of Directors, Marketing and Chapter Support


Olga Bazarnaya

Member of the Board of Directors, Marketing and Chapter Support

Tetiana Danilko, Member of the Board of Directors, Finance and Customer Service


Tetiana Danilko

Member of the Board of Directors, Finance and Customer Service

Irina Gorbacheva, Master Certified Coach, Speaker, Trainer

Speaker, Trainer

Irina Gorbacheva

Master Certified Coach [MCC] ICF, Co-owner

Katerina Peters, Professional Сertified Сoach, Trainer, Mentor, Assessor, Observer

Trainer, Mentor, Assessor, Observer

Katerina Peters

Professional Сertified Сoach [PCC] ICF

Irina Sanina, Professional Сertified Сoach, Mentor


Irina Sanina

Professional Сertified Сoach [PCC] ICF

Aizhan Sebekbaeva, Professional Сertified Сoach, Trainer, Mentor

Trainer, Mentor

Aizhan Sebekbaeva

Professional Сertified Сoach [PCC] ICF

.Stages of Development

Learn coaching from scratch to professional level, mastering international standards and building your confidence.

Receive support and new opportunities at every stage, developing a career in coaching and increasing your income.

1 - 3 Months / First Coaching Sessions

Get acquainted with the basics of coaching according to the standards of the world's largest coaching federation - ICF, and start developing the skill of demonstrating the 8 coaching competencies by conducting coaching sessions.

We will support you: 

We will create a safe space based on the "green pen" method, highlighting what has already been achieved to strengthen your self-belief.

4 - 5 Months / First Sales

After a series of supervised sessions, group, and individual mentoring, you will be able to practice with real clients and start selling your coaching sessions. At the end of the 5th month, you will successfully pass the assessment and receive the international Level 1 ICF diploma, which will help strengthen your confidence.

We will teach you to:

  • Develop a personal brand and attract clients by learning promotion skills in a dedicated course "PROmotion for Coaches".

  • Sell coaching services "without selling" by taking the additional course "Selling Long-term Contracts".

6 - 10 Months / Path to Professional

You will learn to manage long-term contracts with clients and work with the client's personality as a professional coach, leading to increased income. By the end of the 10th month, you will receive the international Level 2 diploma, accredited not by one but by three federations (ICF, EMCC, and AC), significantly boosting your confidence and impacting the value of your sessions.

We will help you to:
Gain specializations in "Professional Team Coach" and "Executive and Business Coach" by taking additional specialization courses, opening opportunities to work with new client segments.

From Month 11 / Participation in Projects

You will gain international qualification in one or more international coaching federations, distinguishing yourself and allowing you to join the top 8% of qualified coaches. This will significantly impact the pricing of your sessions. You will also have the opportunity to earn more by participating in our projects.

We will unlock opportunities for you to:

  • Prepare for and guide you through the international examination, helping you obtain your international qualification.

  • Assist you in applying to international companies that integrate coaching services, selling services to companies (e.g., BetterUP and CoachHUB).

  • Provide opportunities to participate in our projects under the brands and, aimed at selling coaching services to companies and individual clients.

  • Train you in additional programs such as "Mentor-Coach" and "Supervisor," enabling you to earn income by providing services to other coaches.